March Flatlay and Blog Office Inspiration

Happy Monday!

I don’t know about you, but I find it extremely tough getting up early on Monday mornings. Especially when I had an amazing weekend and feel like it went by too fast. Now a days I need a cup of coffee to get me out of bed…or two.

I have been a huge coffee addict since university. Four Venti Mocha Valencia’s – that was my drug everyday for four years. Now I experiment with whatever new flavors they have available like today,  it was a Grande Vanilla Mocha in my favorite Starbucks Tumbler. Once I had the caffein in my system, I could do anything…

Starbuck Black heart mugStarbucks Tumbler

I work remotely. This means I have to make sure that I use 100% of my time from 8am – 5pm on my work, no distractions allowed. This also means I can go all out creative and personal in my office accessories. You see at work, the office supply room contains everything you need…just without color or life. My office at home is the complete opposite.

Frends Headphones, Pearl Pen, Chapters Indigo, Blogger Desk, Blogger AccessoriesDesk Situation: Mac Book Pro | Headphones (my favorite!!!) | Pen

Take for example my Frends headphones, or what I call my ear caviar. These babies are my favorite and I cannot live without them. You will see them snapped on my ears listening to jazz, soul, piano blues and R&B whenever I am not in the middle of a meeting. I also travel with them that I cannot recall how many times I have had flight attendants or fellow passengers come up and ask me where I got them.

As for my pen, I have a huge weakness when it comes to pens. This pearl pen I got is one of my favorites. I love how dainty it looks yet at the same time it’s hard and durable. Love to get pretty pens on your desk? Check out this link to see a great selection of pens from Chapters Indigo (where I got my pearl pen from).

Desk Situation, Blogger, Blogger Desk, Woodbuds, Gold dog, nate berkus dog tape dispenser, tape dispenser, kate spade ny pencil cup, diorific nail polish, inpink style

Tape Dispenser | Pencil Cup | Pen (another in my collection) | Custom Pencils | Woodbuds | Rings | Desk

Another look at my desk and you can tell I love the color gold. I love how it makes my desk look glamourous against the white background.  You can spot another pretty pen on my desk …and some custom pencils I got done from A Blissful Nest (a cute etsy shop I highly recommend you visit).

tory burch lip tint, kate spade ny, essie nail polish, blogger deskAgenda | Lip Tint | Nail Polish


Another item you will find on my desk is my Agenda. Working full-time as an engineer, part-time as a blogger, running around to attend various events and let’s not forget my travels…I need an agenda to help me stay organized. I usually use my Google Calendar to schedule all my meetings, but everything else from scheduling what works gets done, what posts I will work on, when to meet my photographers, where to visit during my vacation – I use the above agenda.

To add a little fun and color to my work day, I always have my lip tint handy. There are two usually on my desk – the Tory Burch lip tint is my current fav (plus I love the name!)

What do you have you on your desk to keep you motivated and pass through the Monday blues? I hope you love my March Flatlay and Blog Office Inspiration


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  1. says

    Beautiful post. Love reading it and I really enjoyed looking at the beautiful photos.
    I’m following you via bloglovin. Hope you’ll follow back, dear.

    • says

      Thank you! I feel like that everytime I sit at my desk ☺️
      The quality of the headphones is really good. For me, you can hear the middle notes really well and the sound quality is actually richer versus your regular earbuds.
      They are a great buy for me that I’m thinking of getting a silver one also

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