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Happy Wednesday Everyone!

As most of you may have noticed, a few weeks ago I took the plunge and went ombre. Why ombre? For starters it is one of the hottest hair trends that is not going anywhere because it allows you to customize it how you want it PLUS it’s low maintenance. I got mine done by this amazing stylist in Toronto and I couldn’t be happier with it – the result was a warm soft caramel color that begs to be curled to show off my layers.

Now after few weeks I slowly noticed my hair loosing some of it’s vitality and it started becoming coarse and frizzy. It took me a while to figure that this is normal when your hair goes through major processing with…bleach. Thankfully Kerastase had my back in helping me fix my hair.

Full disclosure, I have been using Kerastase hair products since 2005. I have tried practically half their line of hair products due to the various stages my hair goes through from color treatments, environment, travel and stress. No matter what I do to my hair, Kerastase has been amazing in helping me maintain a healthy mane since I started using them in my shower. Right now I am using the Elixir Ultime line which has been incredible in helping me get back the softness, shine and vitality back in my hair. If you regularly go to the salon to get your hair colored or glossed and wash your hair once in two/three days to maintain some of your natural oils, you have to try this line!

The shampoo is rich in four oils that has been perfect in helping me get my hair back to what it was pre-ombre. The masque is like this protective glove that surrounds each and every strand of my hair and somehow magically zaps it into life. What I also love about this hair masque is that it’s light weight and it doesn’t leave this greasy feel to my hair after I wash it off (very important).  Now if you style your hair, you all know the importance of using products to help protect your hair from being damaged or fried. Especially when it will be in contact with something hot like a flat iron, curling iron or blow dryer.

Around 30 min after I shower, I usually dry my hair followed by flat ironing it once to get it straight and then again to curl the ends. Before I grab my hair dryer, I massage my hair with around 2 pumps of the Elixir Ultime oil (my favorite is the Moringa Immortel because it’s perfect for my damaged strands). After massaging my hair and scalp for about 30sec I am ready to add a lot of heat to my hair and bend it to my will (wait, does that sound bad?).

image Shampoo: Elixir K Ultime Cleansing Oil c/o | Hair Masque: Elixir Ultime Masque c/o | Hair Oil: Elixir Ultime Beautifying Oil c/o (Obsessed with this)


Below is a link of all the Kersatase product I have used since 2005, including their mousse and hairspray.


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      Their products are amazing!!! Let’s just say with all the styles and colours I experiment with my hair, I can always count on my hair looking great and feeling healthy because of Kerastase.

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      You have to try Kerastase, once you try it you will never go back to your other shampoos. I know exactly what you mean by avoiding washing your hair everyday. I wash mine every second or third day, the trick is to use the hair masque once a week so it doesn’t get oily plus I avoid the scalp. I am so happy that this post helped :)

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