sophiejuice-4If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that the last three days I tackled a juice cleanse thanks of Total Cleanse. I have been doing a lot research on the benefits of juice cleansing, from how it can help get rid of built up of toxins in the body to invigorating and nourishing it by introducing the right amount of organic fruits and vegetables our body needs daily. I was also intrigued after reading on how juice cleansing works and curious to see if I could achieve the results it promised.

A bit of background about me, I love to cook! It’s one of my favourite pass-times for summer. Practically every weekend, you will find me in the backyard barbecuing some new recipe I found on Pinterest. What you will also find is a few hours later, I am suffering from heart burn and indigestion because I am sucker for anything spicy with a bold kick! So going on a cleanse where I am forced to be gentle to my stomach was a huge win.

Going on a cleanse is pretty basic and requires you to solely feed and replenish your body with only cold pressed juices. I have fasted numerous times in my life for various causes so going on a three day cleanse where I will not be able to eat anything solid was going to be easy.

Cleansing Basics 101:
Below is a pretty basic outline on how cleansing works. To get your body ready for cleansing, I suggest you to try and cut down anything that’s not healthy in your diet and drink 2-L (approximate 8 glasses) of water a day for at least 3 days. Still don’t know?Total Cleanse will provide you a document with tips on what to eat to help get your body ready for cleansing.Doing this will help you smoothly go through the cleanse with no hiccups.

During the cleanse try drinking a glass of water with some lemon slices and start your cleanse an hour after. I started my cleanse everyday at 8AM and finished around 9PM.

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In the three days of drinking only cold pressed juices from Total Cleanse, I noticed an immediate difference in my energy level, complexion and a dramatic improvement in my sleep. I saw a huge change in my digestion as my body was flushing out a lot of toxins I didn’t know it had stored. This led to weight loss,  a huge surprise for me, and for those interested I lost 4.5 pounds by end of day 3. On the third day of the cleanse, it got a bit tough for me so meditating and maintaining positive energy helped complete my last day of cleansing.

Today is my first day post cleanse, and as part of the cleansing process I will slowly introduce various solids back into my diet and at the same time making sure I am drinking at least 2L of water a day. I will continue to be careful and cautious with what I am putting into my body as I don’t want to undo what Total Cleanse helped me achieve.

After the first three days of post cleanse, I will be getting back to my fitness activities as during the cleanse, it’s highly advised to keep your exercise light so your body can focus on helping you detox.

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 2.57.37 AMMy Favourites:
My favourite juices from the six above were the Very Berry and Lemon Rush. Very Berry tasted like this amazing cocktail of strawberry and pineapples. It was hands down my favorite that I will be honest, on day two and three I froze the juice so I could drink it as a slushy. It was the tastiest and had the highest Vitamin C out of all the six drinks. I have created homemade lemon cayenne drinks in the past but this one from Total Cleanse was the tastiest I have ever had! I was surprised how sweet it was and incredibly easy to drink the whole bottle fast. The creamy cashew was pretty good, it sort of reminded me of milk mixed in with vanilla ice cream. The Green Energy was good but not a favourite. Overall the total calorie intake for my body was 1,070 a day (average person should consume 1,200 calories per day).

Overall I had wonderful time juicing and would I do it again? Yes! If you are interested in juicing, I highly recommend Total Cleanse. They start as low as $45/day and deliver cold freshly pressed juice at your door step so it’s easy to start juicing the next day. New to cleansing? Try out the Energize Cleanse as it’s perfect for anyone new to cleansing and offers you the flexibility to cleanse anywhere from 24-72 hours.

Sophie June 16 2015 pt1-2Total Cleanse: Energy Cleanse
Dress: Banana Republic (use code BRGROW to get the dress for $83!) another huge love! | Sandals: Stuart Weitzman | Hat: Tory Burch (on SALE for $66!)| Glasses: Tom Ford
Photography done by NIGHTS WITH MIKE


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