Summer Vacation Essentials


Happy Weekend Everyone!
Today is a pretty exciting day in my home because after 2 weeks of planning, I finally booked everything for our next vacation. Everything from flights, hotels, restaurants, tour groups, and transportation. Everything! All that is left to do is make a list of items I need for my upcoming vacation.
As a style blogger, I always make sure I am well dressed for any occasion. Going on vacation is no exception. Above is a list of items I will be grabbing before I head off to another continent. Number 1 must have is the Chloe bag that I found for under $700!!! Another must have is the orange sunnies that look so perfect for summer. I love sandals and these ones from Tory Burch look perfect when I am wearing all white and am exploring the city. Plus they are on sale for $175, originally $250, so all the more reasons to grab them fast.

Do you have any plans for summer? Are you going out of town? Love to know 😀


Responses to Summer Vacation Essentials

  1. Lauren says

    That hat! I love that hat. It’s to vacation perfect. I can’t believe you found a site that has the Chloe bag for so cheap!!! Do you know of another site? It looks like they are sold out.

    • says

      That hat screams summer beach vacay! For the Chloe bag, I was totally shocked to see it so low I just had to share. Did you grab it before it was gone? Send me an email and I can send you info when they go for a steal like this again. xoxo

  2. says

    Sophie, I’m loving this post! First, I purchased my first Mar Y Sol straw tote last summer and I love it. I received so many compliments on it. I’ve been using it this summer for the Hamptons & Fire Island again. However this year I’ve been seeing them around a lot more. Now, the floppy at from Enugenia Kim…..drop dead fabulous! Love her hats, not because we both went to Dartmouth College but because she’s so talented. I saw the Do Not Disturb hat in the Saks 5th Ave catalog. I wanted it badly but couldn’t bring myself to pay that price point. I decided to do my own DIY and make it. I’ve posted the process on instagram. Great post.

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