Happy Friday Again Loves! Today is the first day of the Nordstrom Early Access Anniversary sale for debit/credit card holders. I couldn’t be any happier as I have already gotten my first cart of goodies from this much anticipated sale, and I am already thinking about starting a second cart :)
This sale is the secret where every fashionista/stylist stocks up on that must have handbag, clothing, shoes, accessories and beauty at heavily discounted prices.

NordstromAnniversarySaleEspadrille Flat (ONLY $76!)| Earrings (only $62!) | Bangles ($97!) | Bag (UNDER $200) | Hobo (ONLY $216!!) | Sunglasses ($190) | Makeup Palette ($60) | Black Frames ($80)| Cosmetic Bag ($32) | Crossbody ($130) | Fringe Sandals ($87) | Jo Malone Gift Set ($99)| Jigsaw Flats ($65)

Grab these items fast before they sell out and remember, the public access sale starts on July 7th so if you want to access to these goodies at amazing prices, make sure to sign up and grab a Nordstrom debit/credit card. It’s definitely worth it and their rewards program is amazing – plus you get free Nordstrom notes. I have their credit card and absolutely love it!!!

If you are a huge fan of beauty, here is a list of must have’s from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Remember, public access starts on July 17 so if you want to get your hands on these goodies fast before they sell out (like my Joe’s Mesh Panel Sandals), sign up and get a Nordstrom debit/credit card. It is worth it to carry that one extra card in your wallet plus Nordstorm has an excellent rewards program (Nordstrom Notes)!
Note, all items with a heart are ones I either already own or have just purchased! NSaleBeauty
Microderm Kit (own it and love it!) $106 | Trio Primer (my fav) $39.50Chanel Travel Palette ($95)Makeup Sponge ($37) | Curling Iron ($99) | (Evian Water Spray ($17.50) Clarisonic ($119.20) | SK-II Set ($205) | Chanel Travel Palette ($95) | NARS (True NARS) Lip Set ($49) | NARS (Ultimate NARS) Lip Set ($49)

Microderm Kit – I own this kit and absolutely love it. Swear by it that it’s the secret to my great skin. Visit my previous post where more than 15 of my followers purchased the product directly from my site, now you can get it at an even heavier discount than we all did. (on sale for $106, original price $159)
Trio Primer – Three items you must have to help you make sure your face is prepped to be the perfect canvas for makeup. For my blog shoots, I tend to wear a lot of make up and this kit is perfect to help me polish, prep and protect my skin. (on sale for $39.50, original price $55)
Chanel Travel Palette – When it comes to travelling, attending a wedding, or being on site for a blog shoot, I like my makeup compact and easy to pack. I am huge fan of Chanel and their makeup is amazing. I love this kit because it has all the essential colours I need for any look. Plus at $95, it’s a great price for a limited edition travel palette!
BeautyBlender Sponges – I hate using my fingers when it comes to applying makeup. I am convinced they help reduce the life span of my makeup, hence I always have these beautyblender sponges around to help me apply my makeup on and help me create that air-brush finished look. Best part about this kit is it comes with a cleaner to help you keep your sponges clean for the next application (no more using soap or shampoo in my case to clean your sponges). I have 4 beautyblender and absolutely love them. Can’t live without them when it comes to applying my makeup. (on sale for $37, original price $55)
Clarisonic – I have had my MIA2 since it first came out and I never leave home without it. I love how it has helped me keep my face incredibly clean and smooth everyday. It has been very helpful in making sure to remove any dirt left behind on my skin from the environment or minute residue of leftover makeup. If you don’t own a Clarisonic, you need to get this because Nordstorm is having an amazing deal. At $119.20, you are never going to get a deal more awesome than that for a MIA2. (on sale for $119.20, original price $149)
“The Bombshell” Curling Iron – They don’t call it the bombshell for no reason. After reading so many amazing reviews on this product I tried out for myself in my most recent blog shoot (coming soon), the results were AAAHH-MAZING! It’s incredibly easy to use and you can get natural loose curls that can hold all day and have some bounce to it. I am right now kicking myself for not waiting to get this so I could have gotten it for $99!!! Evian Water Spray – Don’t laugh, but if you are a frequent traveller like me or live in a place that is experiencing humidity, you need this! I started using Evian water spray after I met a Parisian woman who was 50 but looked like in her mid 30’s. She swore that keeping her skin hydrated was her secret in defying her age and that if you are a frequent traveller, always keep a small can with you to spray every hour during the flight. I noticed a huge change in my skin when I followed this rule (no more breakouts 2-3 days after being on a plane) that it has become essential for me to pack a small 1.7 oz in my carryon (50ml if you convert it). (on sale for $17.50, original price $33)
SK-II Bestseller Set – I have been using SK-II since last year and bought every single one of these pieces individual. This set is amazing because you get the best of all the kits in one perfect package. If your skin in incredibly sensitive (like mine) and you suffer from dark circles or just puffy eyes, this set it for you. I have noticed a huge improvement in my skin’s complexion and the dark circles under my eyes thanks to SK-II eye mask and their facial mask (that’s why I have been comfortable removing my glasses in the last few blog posts).  Their moisturizing cream has been amazing to help me soften some of the fine lines I have been seeing creep up around my eyes. An amazing buy that I already purchased this kit for myself, you should to! (on sale for $205, original price $287)
NARS Lip Pencil Set –  I love NARS Lip Pencil’s. I have more than 7 in my collection, each purchased at $32 a lip pencil. With this kit you can get 3 PLUS a sharpener for $49!!! Talk about a major steal! I love that you can try out all three for the price of 1.33. I personally have two of the colors in the Ultimate Kit (Stourhead and Sex Machine) and love it!!! From their True Nars set, I already own Luxembourg (my first lip pencil from NARS) and Provocative Red. (on sale for $49, original price $81)



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      Your welcome! I am so happy that you found this post valuable. It took me a few hours to put this together and to identify what are the must have items you have to grab now at a steal! Happy Shopping! xoxo

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