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IMG_9747 (1)What do you do on your weekends? For me, the weekend is my time to relax and decompress. It’s when I can go out and explore the city, try out a new restaurant, read a book, take that much deserved bubble bath – basically have fun and not work! We all need some time to get away from it all to relax and decompress. For me, it usually comes in the form of two days where I give my brain a break and recharge for the coming week. Sometimes, between my career, working on personal projects, and blogging, waiting for the weekend is just too long. Who’s with me?

For the last two years I have taken to drinking teas, specifically Oolong tea. Oolong tea has been a part of my everyday ritual for helping me relax in the middle of the day and decompress right before I head off to bed. Plus their tiny leaves have a wide variety of health benefits including actively helping you lose weight.

I get my Oolong teas from Tea Ave, a little shop from my hometown Vancouver. They specialize in Oolong teas and offer a wide variety in these cute little blue tins. My favorites are Oriental Beauty, Cape Jasmine, and MagnoliaOriental Beauty was the first Oolong tea I was introduced to and it was love at first sip. This gorgeous mildly honey flavored tea is produced once a year and it is what I drink when I want to treat myself after a long day! A close second favorite is Cape Jasmine. Unlike the Oriental Beauty, the Cape Jasmine is little sweeter with subtle floral hints and spice (if you love Chai or Chai latte, you will love this tea!). Another favorite of mine is Magnolia Oolong. This tea is perfect if you want something incredibly light in both flavor and taste. If you are new to Oolong teas, Magnolia tea is a great one to start with. If you are like me and have a huge tea cabinet with a variety of different leaves, Oriental Beauty is a must try! If you want to fully enjoy your tea, you have to drink it from an aroma cup or a sipping porcelain cup. Every time I drink tea, I can feel my nerves relaxing while I inhale the deep rich scents coming from my cup.IMG_9746 IMG_9745Last year, we didn’t have much of a summer so I didn’t get a chance to experiment with cold teas. This year we have been getting record breaking heat one day after another, so it’s the perfect opportunity to try cold teas in my Tea Ave Chillaxer Cold Brew Bottle! I drink a little over 1L of water every day, but there are times I want to add a little flavor to my water to make it interesting. Why not, right? Plus their bottle is so cute and incredibly light and perfect to slip into my water bottle cage when I’m riding my bike. My go to favorite ice tea flavor is Osmanthus Oolong. I love the light floral and fruity taste of this tea and when it’s cold, for some reason, it tastes even more fruity. You should try it!
IMG_9748IMG_9749IMG_9750Photography by NIGHTS WITH MIKE

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    I absolutely love Tea Ave! Their packaging, service and of course teas are all so lovely. I have to agree with you that their Cape Jasmine is wonderful. I’m also a big fan of their Tie Kwan Yin. Happy steeping & sipping :)

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    I also like to relax on weekends! I never heard of this Oolong tea, and I love some teas – never had one with honey flavor, but as I love honey I will love a tea with that flavor. A tea that is produced just one a year must be great and I would love to try it! Though I drink a lot of water and not so much tea, I would love to try your recommendation!

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      You will love their Oriental Beauty! The climate and soil has to be just in the right condition to get that flavour that’s highly desired for Oriental Beauty. The taste is just amazing and it’s the only tea I refuse to infuse with other flavours/fruits. You should definitely try it out Denise, sometimes drinking plain water can be boring…why not add a touch of fun with these teas, right? xo

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    I love tea, particularly Jasmine based teas. Something about that smell literally turns an entire day around. I’ve never heard of this particular brand but always in the market to try out new teas! Thank you for sharing this Sophie! (:

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      I know exactly what you mean!! I spend equal time drinking and inhaling the scent lol. For Oolong teas, you have to be fussy as they are not mass produced like green teas so it was tough finding the right one. You will love Tea Ave !! Their selections are amazing and I have tried practically everything they carry so it’s part fun and adventure to try out new flavours. xo

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