Basic Uniform

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Happy Monday Everyone!

I am obsessed with these jeans. A few years back I stopped wearing jeans because I was just annoyed with the style and selection that was available. They were either too low, too baggy, or had details that should have been outlawed. Fast forward to a few years later, designers reevaluated what constitutes a great pair of jeans in order to make them a part of the basic uniform.

I have over a dozen pairs of jeans in my closet but this vintage pair is hands down my favourite! I bought them last year and I have worn them so many times that I own the same pair in both the light and dark finish. I love how they hug my curves and give the illusion that I’m both slim and tall. I honestly love them so much that I have styled them numerous times on my blog – this one with a military vest and here with a black trench coat (a must have for fall). I wore my favourite jeans with this shirt that I got for $25!!! Total score!! I am shocked at how soft the fabric is and the construction is perfect for both office and weekend wear. If you follow me on Instagram, you caught me wearing this shirt in the summer with my favourite white slacks.

Another item I am obsessed with are these #9to9 shoes by my friends Zvelle. My day starts at 7am and it doesn’t end until around 11pm (if I’m lucky). I am always searching for shoes that will last me throughout the day and I am not a fan of having a box under my desk so that I can swap my sneakers for something office appropriate. No way! These shoes are so incredibly comfortable that I can wear them on my commute to work, at work, and to any events I have to attend after hours. They literally feel like my isotoner slippers, but with a little bit of heel and glam factor added. Plus I love the arrow detail!

3 outfitts (14 of 36)editShirt: Forever 21 | Denim: Citizens of Humanity | Shoes: Zvelle | Watch: Christian Paul | Glasses: Tom Ford | Bag: Celine


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    Those sunnies are killing it! I too love a good pair of distressed denim skinnies. Perfect all year round in my opinion. Gotta check out those Zvelle flats! I’m always in need of good office shoes that don’t rub. I love pretty shoes and they all seem to kill my feet after 4 hours, making the rest of the day miserable. Thanks for sharing some tips Sophie! (:

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      Thank you Kiki! Grab them fast because I heard that they will be discontinued soon and replaced with a new design that’s more slim with minimal frame. I bought these frames 3 years ago and they are my absolute fav!!! You can see from my blog posts that I wear them over my other pairs lol. Zvelle shoes are amazing!! I have two pairs and they are complete love!!! Let me know which pair you get. xo

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    Love those jeans- they have just the perfect amount of distressing. Citizens are great. I’m curious- what are the denim details that you think should be outlawed. For me, it’s the bling on Miss Me jeans- I just think its ostentatious and, excuse me if there are any Miss Me wearers reading this, trashy.

    Rebecca |

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      Citizen jeans are the best! Their jeans are incredibly soft and has the right amount of stretch, plus I love the distressing detail. Denim details that are outlawed for me are any kind of embellishments – studs, bling, or any sort of material stitched over it. They belong in the past for a good a reason 😉
      These jeans are amazing and will stand the test of time, plus the fabric is amazing. It hugs your legs like a glove. xo

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    Dear Sohphie,
    So nice to find other fashion bloggers which are also engineers and scientists. Your blog is amazing and I love this effortles look with the greatest flats…So Pretty. I should also compliment you on the quality of your pictures. Simply perfect…
    Warm regards

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      Thank you so much Maryam! It is wonderful to meet a fellow engineer and style blogger. Thank you so much for the lovely compliment, you made my day 😀 !!! These flats are perfect for women like us who want something practical, comfortable, and stylish.
      My friend Michael took my pictures, he is an amazing photographer! xo

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        I love also the places you choose for your photoshoots! Keep up the good work! Do you think that the type of camera is important? I have a very good canon with couple of expensive lenses, but you can spend a fortune on cameras. I’m wondering which camera/lens is the right one?

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      Thank you Tamara! These shoes are amazing and incredibly comfortable. They are a huge love that I own two pairs from the same designer. The bag is a huge love!!! My favourite and most worn bag in my collection xo

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