Current Obsession: Hats


Every now and then I add something new to my wardrobe that I can’t stop wearing over and over again. I recently bought this hat and it’s one piece I cannot stop obsessing over. I got it during the J.Crew sale and the one I am wearing above is sold out. Don’t worry, I have links for the same one in black here available at the same price I got it (use code FALLSALE to get 25% off).

My head is a size that is between small and medium which makes it hard for me to find a hat that fits me well. When I ordered this hat I was so excited that it fit me perfectly! It’s the perfect hat for fall and to transition to winter. I love how it fits with everything in my wardrobe and instantly dresses it up. Another huge love is that it fits my head perfectly so I don’t have to worry about it blowing away (no more chasing hats on windy days). I actually own this hat in both grey and black and am absolutely in obsessed with it! It’s the perfect hat to wear with anything and even better on days when I don’t feel like getting dressed up.

I am wearing a size s/m and, like I mentioned, it fits me perfectly.

Zara Leather Pants, Chunky Knit, Fashioned Chic, Effortless Chic in Leather Pants, Chic in leather

First Look

Second Look 

Photography done by JINSUNG LEE PHOTOGRAPHY | Instagram

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