Gift Guide : Stocking Stuffers


In my large family, stocking stuffers can be costly when you want to get something for everyone. Here is a guide to some amazing items you can stuff in your loved ones stockings that is all under $45!!! You can shop them all by clicking on the items in the image above.

Every year, my bestie and I have a tradition to gift a new ornament to our tree every year. Our tree is eclectic and personal, all the ornaments on it have a story. I know this ornament will be perfect to celebrate our first year in our new home where we will finally experience a white Christmas. If you are a fan of something more trendy (and polka dots) , this ornament is perfect!

I am a huge, huge Jo Malone fan so when I saw this gift set for $45, I grabbed three at once. This is perfect for anyone who wants to give a luxurious gift without breaking the bank. I’ll be honest, I had to get mine online because they sold out in the store pretty fast (like lighting fast!). If they have sold out online, another fab stocking stuffer is their body wash collection that’s only $40 and the scents are aaah-mazing!

During the season, I love to wear a wide array of holiday inspired socks and these are just too cute! I love the bright bold red and blue shades plus at $13 per pair, they are the cutest and perfect pair of socks to stuff anyone’s stockings…and your feet into.

I have a huge collection of mugs in my home. It’s great when I have a large number of guests because everyone has a different mug with a special message on it (or in some cases, their initials). At $10 a mug, I had to grab this one that sits in my office. I got this one last year for $10 also, but there is a sale going on for a few more hours where you can grab it for $7.50!!! Hurry fast because the initial mugs are back in stock for a limited time and can only be found online (they are sold out at the stores)

Teddy Bears are a huge hit with the kids in our family. When I was a kid, my folks used to get me every year a new type of Teddy Bear. I was lucky to get this one when I was 12 years old and to date, it’s still in my room at my folks place. Because it’s a limited edition and every year the bear is little different during the season, I know anyone who gets this little guy will love him to pieces. Plus, he is incredibly plush and so cute with his little tie and hat!

Do you have someone who travels a lot or needs help in staying organized? This jewelry kit is perfect to help them store their fav pieces in a neat and organized fashion. I just ordered this for myself because let’s face it, I am tired of storing my jewelry with my makeup or in ziplock bags. Another item that is perfect to stay organized are these agendas. Last year I got both the black and white and the gold polka dots because I couldn’t figure out which one I loved the most. Both are equally beautiful and perfect to help make sure you stay organized, but stay on track.


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