Black and white,fashion blogger, prada saffiano, pink prada, joe's, nordstromI am an engineer and a geek at heart (I’ve got the ring to prove it), but just because I work in man’s world, it doesn’t mean I should forget that I’m a woman.

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After I got my B.A.Sc in Electrical Engineering, I kept the above quote to heart. Be Classy and Fabulous. To be classy and fabulous, it starts with how you carry yourself and gradually how you dress. When I started working at Microsoft, I received constant compliments from my female peers and requests to go shopping with them to pull some functional looks together. From there, SmittenSophie was born!

My personal style tends to be classic yet refined with a hint of prep. Like every lady out there, I have a weakness for designers but I have a bigger weakness for getting great finds at a bargain. I’m all about investing on great fashion finds that can stretch to multiple seasons. This means basically having a jar near my computer where I put in a few dollars a day for my next ‘must have’ purchase….

What you’ll find in my blog is my personal style that leverages what’s the latest fashion trend yet still being me – a classy and chic nerd that doesn’t break her bank account. I rarely buy things at full price so expect 95% of the items I wear were anywhere from 20-75% off the ticket price (unless the item was to amazing to pass up).

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